Graphic Recording - Zapis graficzny


Are you looking for a graphic recorder to add splendor to your event? Do you need visual notes from your podcast or webinar? Do you want to attract attention with customs infographics?


My name is Bogumiła Ratajczak. I translate complex content into simple drawings. Drawings that capture attention, evoke emotions and etch into memory.

I create graphic recording during conferences, meetings and debates. Business infographics. Visual notes from procedures and processes.

When creating graphics, I focus on the clearness and coherence. I believe that drawings facilitate communication and provide an inspiring summary of leading thoughts.

Your ability to synthesize complex information into visually appealing, easy-to-understand designs was exemplary. We very much appreciated your willingness to accommodate our last-minute request and your flexibility to adapt to changes throughout the process made the collaboration seamless and enjoyable.
Michaela AchterPortfolio Operations Analyst EcoVadis SAS


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Graphic Recording of conferences, webinars, meetings

Visual notes from webinars, podcasts, procedures

Business infographics – vision, mission of the company