Infografiki - rysunkowe mapy myśli

Infographics – a good way to boost company communication

Are you launching an innovative product or service? Would you like to share the successes of your company? Are you looking for a way to engage your employees more?

What are infographics?

An infographic (information graphic) is a visually attractive combination of texts and images. It presents information in an organized, interesting and accessible way. It tells a story, allows you to organize data, and shows the process.

Infografika - asertywny menedżer

Why use infographics?

  • They make it easier to communicate complex information in a clear and interesting way.

They attract attention and are easily remembered.

  • They help to find connections and develop ideas.

infografika - infografiki korzyści

What can you present with an infographic?

Company information, e.g., its purpose, vision, mission, and values

Company code of conduct

Summary of the successes that the company has achieved, e.g. over the last year

Service/product – what it consists of, what benefits it brings, what customer problem it solves

The process of e.g. onboarding, product development, organizational change

Promotion of sustainable development, health and safety

Instructions – e.g. how customers can use a product

Procedures that the company follows

Tips, advice, examples of good practice

Company history

Comparison – e.g. service packages

Where can you use infographics?

Company website and blog

Social media


Printed poster or leaflet

Press Release


Selected projects

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