Are you sharing important ideas? Do you want to grab your audience’s attention? Make them eager to read your message?

Visual notes in business – give your audience the value they want

Visual notes (sketchnotes, sketchnoting) are graphic notes that combine writing and drawings.

Mike Rohde, the father of sketchnoting, says it was born out of frustration when he wanted to write down everything by hand, word by word. Then he came up with the idea to focus only on what is important and express it through texts and drawings.

Thanks to its attractive form, a sketchnote focuses on the most important information and catches the eye.

notatki wizualne

What can you present using visual notes?

notatki wizualne oferta


Attract customers with professional graphics that show you and your product

notatki wizualne droga


Inspire your audience with the path you have taken. Summarize a year of activity. Show your successes

notatki wizualne z podcastu webinaru

Visual notes from a podcast or webinar

Help your audience remember the content and show yourself as an expert

notatki wizualne wizja misja

Company vision/mission

Attract your audience by showing what is important to you, your values

notatki wizualne proces


Show how cooperation with you looks like/how you create your products

notatki wizualne warsztaty


Engage participants during webinars, workshops, or courses

How much do visual notes cost?

Each project is priced individually. The price depends on the following factors.

Source material. What is the source material for creating the note? Podcast? Book? Article? Debate?

Size. What size should the graphics be? Do you plan to print them or will you place them online?

File. Do you need vector files to scale your note freely

Number of elements.  What should be included on the note? How complex should the note be?

Language. Should the visual maps be in Polish or English?

Number of visual notes. Are you ordering one note or is it a larger project?

Time. What is your deadline?

Visual notes – selected projects

notatka wizualna przepis na satysfakcję z pracy

Job satisfaction recipe

Notatka wizualna Fujitsu Pay As You Go

Fujitsu – Pay As You Go service

notatka wizualna PZU

Summary of the year of activity “PZU Innovations”

Notatka wizualna konferencja ubezpieczeniowa

Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa – Graphic note from an insurance conference

Notatka wizualna Paweł Kozłowski SEO Marketingowe Tłuste Czwartki

Paweł Kozłowski – SEO for marketers – Marketingowe Tłuste Czwartki

Notatka wizualna - Marketingowy Tłusty Czwartek

Łukasz Kosuniak – Marketing activities in the b2b sector – Marketingowe Tłuste Czwartki

notatka wizualna o firmie vendo erp

Visual note about the company – CFI IT systems – Experts in production

notatka wizualna ze spotkania budżet obywatelski

Visual note from a civic budget meeting

notatka wizualna - nobel Olga Tokarczuk - życiorys

Olga Tokarczuk – biography of the Nobel Prize winner

notatka wizualna jak dbam o dobry sen

Visual note – How I take care of my sleep

notatka wizualna najcenniejszy prezent na święta

Visual note – The most valuable gift (not only) for Christmas

notatka wizualna jak wspierać w social mediach

Visual note – How to support on social media